ARIA Announces Board Members for 2005

The Australian Record Industry Association is pleased to announce its Board of Directors for 2005:

Denis Handlin AM Chairman Chairman & CEO, Sony BMG Music Entertainment Australia & NZ
John O'Donnell   Managing Director, EMI Music
Philip Mortlock   Managing Director, Origin Recordings
Michael Parisi   Managing Director, Festival Mushroom Records
Ed St John   President & CEO, Warner Music Australasia
George Ash   Managing Director, Universal Music Australia
David Vodicka   Managing Director, Rubber Records
Charles Caldas   CEO, Shock Records

Mr Denis Handlin AM

Mr Denis Handlin, who was re-elected for a seventh consecutive year as Chairman for ARIA in 2005, said today:

"It's a pleasure once again to be appointed Chairman of the ARIA Board and I'd like to thank my fellow board members for their vote of confidence in my continued leadership. The Board now, more than ever, provides a formidable mix of experience and knowledge that will continue to foster growth and offer direction for the local recording industry."

"2004 was a challenging year for the Australian industry", continues Mr Handlin, "yet it proved to be an amazing year for Australian artists and I feel very confident that the public will continue to support Australian music in 2005"


In addition to the appointment of Chairman, the ARIA Board also made the following committee chair appointments for 2005:

Ed St John   ARIA Music Awards Committee
John O'Donnell ARIA Chart & Marketing Committee
Karen Don (Universal Music Australia) ARIA Copyright Committee
Darryl Sullivan (Universal Music Australia) ARIA Finance COmmittee

Each of these committees report directly to the ARIA Board and provide invaluable support to the Board in making its decisions during the coming year.

"I look forward to continuing to work with Denis, the ARIA Board and all sub committees over the year to ensure further positive results for the industry and our members" adds Stephen Peach, ARIA CEO. "I'd also like to take this opportunity to offer our further congratulations to Denis, who was acknowledged on Australia Day and named a Member of the Order of Australia, AM, in the General Division for his outstanding work in promoting the Australian music industry. This recognition certainly reflects Denis' commitment to the local industry and to ARIA, as well as his on going charity work, particularly with the Sony Foundation."

"In 2004," continues Mr Handlin, "ARIA achieved many positive results for the industry, including the highly successful staging of the Annual ARIA Music Awards which, for the first time, secured a Sunday night prime-time slot on Network Ten. We also saw a record number of Australian Artists recognised in the ARIA No.1 Chart Awards and of course the weekly ARIA Charts continued to provide invaluable information to the industry and music en thusiasts alike"

"ARIA also continued dialogue with government on several pertinent issues including, the Australia and US Free Trade Agreement, performers copyright, the repeal of price cappings on the broadcast fees for commercial radio stationsa and numerous other copyright matters. Through Music Industry Piracy Investigations (MIPI), ARIA also provided vital anti-piracy resources for the industry. Most notably, the action against the operators of Kazaa file sharing network demonstrated the industry's commitment to detecting and preventing the activities of the facilitators of piracy, particularly online piracy."


In 2005, ARIA looks forward to:

  • Growth in the digital download market, which will hopefully enable the launch of an ARIA Digital Download Chart,
  • Further developing the ARIA Charts, scoping sponsorship and promotional opportunities,
  • The successful staging of a number of ARIA events, including the inaugural ARIA Hall of Fame, the 2005 ARIA Music Awards and the ARIA No.1 Chart Awards, and
  • Continuing to progress a review fo the artificial cap on broadcast licence fees.

24 February 2005



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