ARIA assists the Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne establish in-house music channel

ARIA is pleased to announce their support of the Music Therapy Unit at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne.

Music therapy has been practiced at the Hospital for over 13 years. Currently staffed by three therapists specializing in therapy for children, newborns and adolescents, the program aims to provide support to patients through the use of music.

Music therapy can promote relaxation, reduce the patient’s experience of pain, help children process complex emotions surrounding their illness, and support their families too.

Whilst Music therapy predominantly involves live music interaction (including activities like instrumental improvisation and song-writing) – recorded music is increasingly playing a role as an adjunct to this valuable therapy.

The music therapists are currently working with a hospital-wide team to launch a specially programmed in-house relaxing music channel. The channel will be programmed by the therapists and provide nearly all patients with soothing music to help calm or encourage sleep whatever time of day it might be.

ARIA recognises the benefits of music therapy, and have provided the hospital with a limited complimentary licence to use a wide range of sound recordings from the vast published music catalogues of Australia’s record companies.

28 September 2004

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