Australian Artists and Managers Support Court Decision Against Internet Piracy

We welcome the decision of the Federal Court of Australia that ripping off our music and sharing it on the internet for profit is wrong.

The court has ruled that the Kazaa internet file-sharing site infringes copyright with its free music downloads.

The judgment justifies the fight to protect our property and the work of all artists who want to make a living from creating music.

We can now look forward to a fairer environment where all those who work to create a piece of music are rewarded for their effort.


After The Fall Karma Music Management
Alex Lloyd Kasey Chambers
Amiel Kate Ceberano
Amplifire Music Kid Courageous and Rocksugar Music
Andy Cowan Magic Dirt
Anthony Callea Mark Holden
Casey Donovan Mark Sholtez
Dan Brodie Missy Higgins
David Campbell Music Managers Forum
Eleven: a music company One Louder Entertainment
Eran James Paul Mac
Essence Label Pete Murray
Evermore Powderfinger and Secret Service Management
Frankenbok Renee Geyer
george Rocket Science
Grinspoon, Josh Pyke, Airbourne, and Sebasrockets and Step2 Management Shannon Noll
Guy Sebastian silverchair
Guy Stazulo Spiderbait
Gyroscope Starky
Hoodoo Gurus Terry Blamey Management
Human Nature The Cat Empire
Jack Strom and Showbiz Management The Living End
Jet The Vasco Era
John Butler Thirsty Merc
John Watson Management Tim Freedman
Josh Arnold Troy Cassar-Daly
Karl Broadie  


16 September 2005

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