MIPI launches new anti-piracy website

Are you a pirate? Find out on the new MIPI website

MIPI today announced the launch of its comprehensive music piracy website at www.mipi.com.au.

“The MIPI website is a great step forward in educating members of the public and corporate Australia about music piracy.  The website aims to clearly set out what is music piracy, how to spot it, and the penalties that flow from engaging in music piracy.  It has a number of anti-piracy tool kits and assistance for law enforcement agencies”, Sabiene Heindl, the General Manager of MIPI stated today.

The MIPI website covers hot topics such as:

  • What is copyright and trade marks?
  • What is music piracy?
  • Am I a pirate?
  • Music piracy reports and statistics;
  • Debunking the internet file sharing myths;
  • Anti-piracy tools for your personal computer or your company;
  • Anti-piracy kit for law enforcement agencies;
  • Reporting piracy.

MIPI also announces a dedicated toll free music piracy hotline on:

1800 06 16 16

and it encourages members of the public to contact MIPI if they have any information relating to music piracy. Consumers can also contact MIPI by email at mipi@mipi.com.au.

Sabiene Heindl
MIPI General Manager

Christy Hayes
Communications Manager
Tel:    02 8569 1177

About MIPI
Music Industry Piracy Investigations Pty Ltd (MIPI) is an organisation that provides investigative and intellectual property right enforcement related services to the Australian music industry.

9 October 2006

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