6 New Australian Artists To Showcase For The Most Powerful People In Radio

The AMDI , Australian Music Development Initiative, is a record company/radio industry initiative created during discussions in September 1999 about new quotas for Australian artists on radio. AMDI is a joint undertaking between the Australian Record Industry Association ( ARIA) and Commercial Radio Australia.

In June 2002, AMDI broadened its vision to develop opportunities and reinforce communication links with commercial radio networks to improve the profile of Australian artists within Australia. The AMDI Committee is comprised of executives from both the record company and radio industries.

AMDI's New Music to Radio Showcase ( NM2R) is designed to afford debut artists the opportunity to perform in front of the most powerful people in Australian commercial radio. This is also a unique opportunity for emerging artists, their managers and record labels to build relationships with key radio personnel.

Last year's inaugural showcase, held in Melbourne , was a resounding success which helped to kick start the careers of Delta Goodrem, The Androids, Jeremy Gregory, Emmanuel Carella, Dan Greenwood and Irwin Thomas.

This year's AMDI 'New Music' artists are:
Nessa Morgan, The Casanovas, Jet O'Rourke, Little Birdy, Thirsty Merc and Idle Vice.

"For the first time in many years we are experiencing real co-operation between the record company and commercial radio sectors. The NM2R Showcase is just one example of many new initiatives which now exist to support Australian artists and one where we are actually seeing results".

Source: Vicki Gordon, Chair, AMDI

By working closely with Commercial Radio Australia this event is guaranteed the attendance of some of the most influential people in radio with all of the key commercial Metro and Regional radio MD's and PD's present.

"AMDI has enhanced good communications between the radio and record industries. In particular, it provides a great platform to develop initiatives like the showcases that get new Australian music exposed to all commercial radio stations in a great setting. Australian music significantly shapes Australian contemporary culture and it is important that both industries provide great music by local artists to the listening public. ARIA gives AMDI its full support."

Source: Denis Handlin, Chairman, ARIA

This year's Showcase will take place in Sydney at the HOME Nightclub at Cockle Bay on the evening of October 17th, the night before the Commercial Radio Awards, and will be MC'd by Andrew G (Channel V) and Jo Abi (The Edge 96.1). Channel V will also present a visual introduction for each new artist and a retrospective of last year's showcase.

"The commercial radio industry has long supported Australian artists. We are very pleased to be working cooperatively through the AMDI with the music industry to offer even more support. The NM2R Showcase is a brilliant opportunity for the two sectors to get together and develop the next generation of Australian stars".

Source: Joan Warner, CEO, Commercial Radio Australia

The NM2R Showcase, now firmly placed on the music industry calendar as an annual event, is just one of a number of new initiatives being developed by the AMDI.

3 October 2003

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