Are you entitled to register for distributions for U.S. earnings?
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The US sound recording collecting society ‘SoundExchange’ has advised that they will accept direct registrations from artists and record labels.

Although public performance rights in sound recordings have not existed in the US in the past, implementation of ‘The Digital Performance in Sound Recordings Act of 1995’ and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 changed that by granting a performance right in sound recordings. As a result, US copyright law now requires that users of music pay the copyright owner of the sound recording for the communication of that music via certain digital transmissions.

In effect, internet based webcasts, simulcast and similar transmissions require the licence of the owner of copyright in the recordings.  Net receipts are then distributed to record labels and recording artists providing that they have registered with SoundExchange.

SoundExchange is currently trying to ensure that claims for the period February 1 1996 to 31 March 2000 are received by 15 December 2006.  This is a critical deadline as, under US law, any unclaimed royalties for that period will then be forfeited.

SoundExchange has a comprehensive website, setting out background on the organisation and the process for registration.  SoundExchange has also published on its website a comprehensive list of copyright owners and artists who will forfeit royalties if they do not register before the deadline (15 December 2006).

The lists can be viewed at  We urge you to take advantage of this opportunity to register with the society, to ensure that you are able to participate in any potential revenue distributions.

Remember, you need to act quickly to make sure registrations are finalised in advance of December 15th.


11 October 2006

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