Record Industry Welcomes Kazaa Verdict

The Australian Record Industry Association (ARIA) today welcomed the decision of the Federal Court of Australia against the owners and operators of the Kazaa file sharing network.

Today’s decision means that the owners and operators of the Kazaa “peer to peer” file sharing network are liable for the millions of copyright infringements which happen across that network on a daily basis.

ARIA Chairman, Denis Handlin, said: “This decision represents another important step in the industry’s commitment towards creating a commercially viable legitimate online music business. The industry is a great supporter of legitimate operators and is committed to ensuring that all of those who create and distribute music obtain a fair return for their efforts and that the public get legitimate copies. Unauthorised file sharing is theft and today’s decision makes that abundantly clear”.

Stephen Peach, ARIA CEO, said: “Today’s decision puts beyond doubt the question as to whether or not the Kazaa service is illegal – it clearly is. This is a victory for common sense. Importantly, this is not a decision about technology. It simply confirms the long standing legal principle that those who seek to profit from promoting and facilitating copyright theft by others will be liable for those infringements. It doesn’t matter what technology is used – if you build a business helping others infringe copyright, you will be liable”.

Today’s judgment is one of the most important court decisions concerning internet piracy and will prove to be a watershed for the owners and operators of illegal file sharing networks both here and overseas.

5 September 2005

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