Copy Control Technology FAQs


What is Copy Control Technology? ("CCT")

CCT is an umbrella term for a series of new technologies which are being added to some CDs to prevent digital copies being made of the music on that CD.  In other words, the technology prevents the practices known as "ripping" and "burning" where music is digitally copied on to a computer hard drive or burnt onto a blank cd.

The various forms of CCT work in different ways and they are evolving over time.

Does CCT affect the listening experience?

No, the technologies merely prevent copying.  They do not affect the audio quality of the CD.  As a comparison, DVDs have featured a form of CCT since their introduction.  Anyone who's watched a DVD will see that the CCT has no impact on the playing of that DVD.

How will I know if a CD that I wish to purchase contains CCT?

All record companies have been strongly encouraged to include the International CCT logo on any CDs that contain CCT.  Any CD which features this logo contains a form of CCT.  However, please note that record companies may use other methods of informing consumers that a CD contains CCT.  You should also be aware that imported CDs incorporating CCT may not feature this logo.

Will a CD with CCT play in my CD Player, Computer and my Car?

You are unlikely to experience problems.  Whilst CCT is new to Australia, the technologies have been in use overseas for quite a while now.  Nonetheless, there may be minor issues with some CCTs in relation to particular items of hardware.  You should always check the label of the CD before purchase to see whether or not the particular technology is likely to cause problems with the hardware on which you propose to play the CD.

Will CDs containing CCT cause damage to my audio system or my computer hard drive?

No.  The technologies are only designed to prevent "ripping" and "burning".  They will not cause any damage to audio equipment and PCs.

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